Friday, October 28, 2011

From Someplace Deep in a Pile of Fabric...

Whew.  Climbing sewing mountain here.  I just sent off a super cute bag to Sew Stylish magazine.  It's a super functional and relatively straightforward-to-sew bag that is loaded with cuteness and fabulous details, and I think you're really, really going to like it!  The project with full how-to and source guide will appear in the Spring issue.  In the mean time, here's a tiny little peek:

strap completion
In other news, I'll be at Cache at the Casket next weekend, November  4th through 6th.  It's our senior year!  Come check it out, and be sure and stop by and introduce yourselves--getting to meet y'all is always one of the highlights of the event! 

And then I've just got to carry on for another minute about the astounding coolness that is Spoonflower.  So.  Much. Awesome.  I've shown you some of what I've conjured with Spoonflower before, and here's another little bit of indie fabric designer magic put to use:
purple tiki messenger
I got that tiki face fabric earlier in the year, and honestly, for the longest time it had me paralyzed with it's fabulousness.  It's one of those prints that was always sitting front and center on my worktable but that I just couldn't manage to find way to use that I felt would do it justice.    And then one day the stars aligned and it spoke.  Those are the best kinds of days in the studio--when the noise in my head shuts up and things seem to design themselves. 

Happy weekend!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Fall, check.

Where oh where has the Summer gone?  We've had fun and leisure here at Splatgirl Creates.  A little light on the leisure if you're asking me, but I guess that's kind of how life rolls, right?

I'm just checking in to say that if you don't hear from me for another three months, it's because I'm buried under a pile of fabric and leather.  I'm excited to report that I'll be a vendor at this years' NoCoast Craft-o-Rama.  It's December 2nd and 3rd at Midtown Global Market, and it's a fabulous, fabulous show that I've had on my not to be missed list since it's debut.  I'm thrilled to be a part of what is always an amazing collection of artists and craftspeople, and I hope you'll come out and have a look.  So put us on your calendar, yo!

Anyway, a brief, pet-intense review events since last we met:

 It seems like just a minute ago I was smiling at PupCake and his joy in finding that part of his yard was finally suitable for sunbathing after a long, snowy Winter
grass at lastAnd then at both my boys, taking advantage of a lovely, lush Summer afternoon
napping and roachingAnd thinking about showing off the cool new Greyhound-proof bed I made for the furry one,
PupCake's new bed?which was promptly stolen by She Who Runs Things, aka M-Ah
M-Ah the thief
And then in the blink of an eye, Fall turns up, or a week of 80 degrees masquerading as Fall anyway.  Yikes.  I'm not done processing tomatoes yet.
What have you been up to, and how has your garden grown this year?

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