Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This bugs me

What the heck is with grocery store clerks that can't identify the produce? It drives me crazy and it happens nearly every single time I shop.

Scenario A: Checker incorrectly identifies produce item which results my being incorrectly charged.
Scenario B: Checker finds him or herself unable to identify produce item and invariably asks "what is this?"

UM HELLO??? You work at a freaking grocery store that sells produce. People have been known to purchase produce at your store. Perhaps this is just me, but if I were in that position, I would take it upon myself to learn what the heck people were bringing through my line.
But what I really don't get and what bugs me the most is how someone can get through x number of years of life, grocery shopping and eating and not bother to learn about or taste things. I mean seriously people...aren't you just the least bit curious? And I'm not even talking about anything particularly unusual here.

Today's example
Actual purchases:
Two bunches of Italian Parsley. Price .89/bunch= $1.78
One bunch of Cilantro. Price .49/bunch
One Haas Avocado. Price .99 (I know, I know. I grew up with avocado trees in my back yard....99 cents for one IS insane.)

Items charged:
Two bunches of Cilantro. price .49=.98
Cactus Pear, .15 lb. price $1.99/lb

First of all, if I WERE buying two bunches of cilantro, why would I put them in separate plastic bags?? pear? That's good.
I would be willing to bet that there is nary a cactus pear to be found in the store in question, and obviously the cashier wouldn't be able to identify one if there were. I can only assume this was the stand-in for my avocado, since it didn't appear I was charged for that.

I suck at math, but I believe that leaves the score at least a buck in my favor.

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