Friday, April 29, 2005

You probably need to do this, unless you're Carrie

Yes, I promise, I will get back to knitting and cooking soon. In fact, I have a couple of great recipes on deck for the weekend and I'm off to get another set of size 8 DPN's to start work on my Color on Color scarf scraps project this afternoon.
In the mean time...
Since we've known we would be moving out of our current home for over a year now, I've gradually been cleaning out, purging and organizing in anticipation of what I hope will be a "minimalist moving day", meaning I intend to get rid of nearly everything that we don't use regularly and most of our furniture since's it's not in keeping with the style of our new house AT ALL.
Anyway, what started with a search in my kitchen undersink cabinet for the watering can to water a couple of my smaller plants while I was on the phone with Carrie, turned into a much needed purge and organize mission.
Here's what it looked like when the bomb went off and everything came out:

Can you say bad, bad feng shui? It was an energy flow nightmare under there.

and the after:

Not suprisingly, only about half the crap that was under there acutally needed to go back. The rest went into the trash or recycling, and what once was the cleaning product jungle that I dreaded having to face anytime I needed shoe polish or the watering can, is now neat, organized and ready to relocate to a sleek new undersink cabinet when the time comes. YAY!

Maybe this should be the start of a MEME...."everything under the kitchen sink, aka: snap your crap".

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Possibly the most frightening thing ever

yes, it's a mullet. on a woman. does that make it a wullett?

And in an attempt to redeem myself (because pet lovers must be decent people, right?) from the all time personal blogging low of making public fun of bad hair, here's one of our babies with her favorite mowmow

She carries this mouse around in her mouth howling at bed time or when boy leaves in the morning. We call it mowmow, and it's the weirdest thing I've ever seen a kitty do. This is a post mowmow pic, when she's given up and just decided to use it as a pillow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Color on Color scarf=FO!!

And that's all I have to say :)

Monday, April 25, 2005

Fat Nat's Eggs

Saturday morning I woke up hungry for breakfast and didn't have a lot of time to waste since we were due out at the house to get a few things wrapped up. I did a quick online search and came up with a place that I had never heard of before, but since it was convenient to our direction of travel and the reviews sounded good, I figured what the heck.
Fat Nat's Eggs is an old fashioned diner-style restaurant in a suburban strip mall. It's got everything a diner needs to be great, and none of the truck stop yuckiness that ususally puts me off. Smoke free, clean and sparkling, with chatty waitresses bustling around behind the counterv that know many of the customers by name.
We found a couple of seats at the counter and I had a steaming cup of coffee in front of me in a matter of seconds which was a great start and just what I needed to prepare for our morning of manual labor.
Nat's has all of the typical breakfast stuff on the menu well as several varieties of eggs benedict that sounded delicious. Most egg dishes are served with Amercian fries and there's everything from french toast to a chicken sandwich or steak if you're not into the egg thing. I had a hard time deciding, but finally ended up ordering the special, biscuits and gravy with two eggs and American fries. Boy had two pancakes and two eggs.
Our food came out in the blink of an eye and with plenty of griddle grease. I've sampled biscuits and gravy all the way from here to Florida and Nat's was some of the best, and the American fries were what I have only dreamed about in my own kitchen and never been patient enough to succeed at. Big, extra crispy and dark brown chunks of hand cut potatos with a little onion and green pepper and garnished with scallions for a touch of freshness. Yum! Of course the eggs were great, too. Boy ate every last bite of his pancakes (before I could even get a taste) and said they were delicious.
If you're looking for fast, fresh and hand prepared food from real ingredients, check out Fat Nat's. Next time, sign me up for the Italian eggs benedict.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Noodles and things overheard in the Yarn Cafe

Customer: "So, where's the acrylic yarn?" (um...Wal-*art, maybe?)
Salesperson: "Well, we have some over here and some over there..."
Customer: "So, what's the popular thing everyone is knitting now?"
Salsperson: "Felted purses."
Customer: "OK, so scarves are out, then huh? (oh, no, not the ones knit from that nice 100% acrylic yarn)

Yes, lady, scarves are out. In fact, you might as well stow them all away with your flower printed knit overalls and tapestry vest with a scrunchie in back. PUHLEEZE!! The mindset of some people never fails to amaze and frighten me.

For superfabulousfunFriday, boy and I headed over to St. Paul to check out the St. Paul Art Crawl. Hunger management was first on the evening's agenda, and we were fortunate enough to find ourselves next to Tanpopo Noodle Shop so we ducked in for some dinner. I had been wanting to try this place for quite a while and we were not dissapointed. They're definitely deserving of their consistently good reviews.
We started with a bowl of edamame and the sushi roll special, spicy tuna. It's pretty hard to mess up the edamame, and the tuna roll was one of the best I've had in quite a while. I could have eaten four. For our entrees, we both ordered the Nabeyaki Udon, and it came out steaming hot and gorgeous.

What a great dish to enjoy on a cold, windy and rainy evening. Conversation ceased as we slurped our way through the delicious, chewy Udon, sliced chicken, Japanese omelet, fish cake, spinach, shitake mushroom and a tempura shrimp all in a big bowl of yummy broth. Soup perfection.

Considering the care and attention that is given to the food here, the prices are extremely reasonable. Our entire meal including two appetizers, a glass of wine and a beer came to less than $40 with tip.

Next, it was on to seeing some art. Tanpopo happens to be located in the lower level of an artists co-op called the Northern Warehouse which had quite a few studios participating in the crawl. After dinner, we worked our way from bottom to top, probably visiting 20 or 30 studios, and saw decent, weird, shocking, a little good, a lot of not so good. The fact that the art wasn't stellar was more than made up for by the fact that many of the studios are residential, so we got some great looks at what people have done with their artspace/home in an old wooden post and beam loft building. (The posts and beams, btw are AMAZING, and all cut from single pieces of timber bigger than any tree I've seen outside the giant redwood forests of CA. )
We ended the evening with a trip into Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar, that's also located in the Northern Warehouse building. It was packed, blissfully smoke-free, and with a delicious sounding menu that I am going to make it a point to go back and sample. We ordered a couple of drinks and two different kinds of cookies, molasses (again in honor of Sugar High Friday) and peanut butter. Now, I typically find coffee shop or purchased cookes hardly worthy of a second bite, but these babies wowed me, the eternal cookie snob. The molasses was the clear winner, and at least as good as my homemade if not a little better. It was packed with flavor and had the perfect amount of slightly crunchy white icing on top. Again, I could have eaten four.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Sugar High Friday

Ohhhh...the excitement. My first official entry in Sugar High Friday, the monthly food blogging event started by the Domestic Goddess , and this month hosted by An Obsession with Food.
When I discovered the theme ingredient for this month was Molasses I knew I had the perfect must-blog-about molasses item. It just so happened that I posted about one of my all time favorites, Molasses cookies, a couple of months ago, with some fabulous photos taken by Ms. Knit-Whit, and I'm thrilled with the opportunity to chat them up again as well as make a foray into just one of the many fantastic food blogging events.

There's very little else in the cookie realm that can top molasses cookies for me, with the dangerous caveat being that I could easily eat and entire batch, or even a double batch, myself in an afternoon. I just love the combination of texture and taste supplied by this very basic and ages old recipe. Having tried several more complex and presumably gourmet recipes in the past and been dissapointed, I stick with the recipe from The Betty Crocker cookbook and substitute butter for shortening. As you can see, the results are cookie perfection. In the case pictured below, I made a new and fabulous change and rolled the dough balls in coarse sanding sugar instead of regular granulated sugar that's been my standby before. If questioned, I would have expressed skepticism that these cookies could ever get any better, but the sanding sugar put these absolutely over the top.
Just thinking about it makes me want to jump right up and make a batch.

So here's to Sugar High Fridays.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

New stuff

After reading about the fab coming out party for the new Domino magazine over at Design Sponge, I felt compelled to run out and get a copy. I had to turn up my nose while at B&N when I was informed that they weren't going to be getting any in, and headed over to another local media source instead, where I scored a crisp copy in two seconds flat. After spending a little lounge time in the sun with it this afternoon, I 've gotta say that it's a letdown. I don't know what I was hoping for from a magazine that claims to be the housewares version of Lucky, but it's really just not my style. A little heavy on the kitsch and cottage. What I really want is a shopping magazine for exclusively modern, or, better yet, I want a magazine to tell me how to score an $8K B&B Italia sofa for a deal or how to get 10 swank chairs for my not-yet-in-existence new dining table that cost less than $400 each. That kind of info, I could use....
I was expecting greatness, but somehow a mag that tells me how to paint the inside of my bookcase a purdy color falls a little short.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I just have one thing to say

I am *DONE* weaving in ends on the Color on Color scarf!
Excuse me while I go celebrate and finish knitting the I-cords.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Last nights dinner & croissants deux

I had been having a serious pancake jones all week, so we got out for a late breakfast at a local restaurant known for said meal and comfort foods, Key's Cafe. I had an omlette the size of a football and stuffed about four inches high with everything yum, and a single but plate-sized pancake. It was delicious and absolutely hit the spot but unfortunately I have a complaint. I HATE cheap flatware, and at Key's, it's straight out of your high school cafeteria. It's horrible, and it really dawned on me for the first time how intensely this affects my eating experience. The forks are sharp edged, bent up and wonky, and the make the most disgusting screech when rubbed against the stoneware plate that's slightly coarse from years of heavy use. They're just not pleasant to hold or to put in one's mouth. Such a strange (but, now that I think about it, obvious) way to detract from what is always an otherwise excellent plate of chow. I might have to start bringing my own.

After some happy homeowner activities at the house site, I made one of our favorites for dinner...Weeds Salad, as boy calls it. A simple plate of mixed baby greens, dried cranberries, blue cheese, nuts and freshly grilled chicken topped with my delicious homemade balsamic vinagrette. There's something about this flavor combination that just sings, and I could happily eat this salad every day. Served with a warm mini nine grain loaf and some soft butter, it was a satisfying and delicious spring meal.

On another food note, I baked off the few remaining almond croissants yesterday with very low expectations as they had been hanging out in my freezer since I first made them over a month ago. To my suprise, they turned out perfectly and tasted as delicious as the first ones...really, really good. Now that I know how well they do with freezing, I'm definitely going to make a double batch for freezer stock next time. I can't say enough how satisfying it is to be able to have fresh, homemade croissants on demand. After the dough-making event, I shaped the entire batch, froze them on trays and then tossed into a freezer bag. As I've now discovered, they can just be plopped on a sheet tray to thaw and rise for a few hours before baking as usual. It's SO cool!
Looks like I'm off to the store to buy more Plugra.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I scream for ice cream

In honor of superfabulousfunfriday, we went adventuring with Carrie and Kyle. We started off with a great walleye dinner at Tavern on Grand, a place they call Minnesota's restaurant. It's a funny, up-north-like place on the otherwise trendy Grand Ave. in St. Paul. We scored some serious people watching action as we were sitting outside waiting for our table and once we got inside, our food was simple and delicious. We gobbled it all up before nary a photo was taken. Oops.
Kyle was the perpatrator of the evenings event, so we have the subsequent trip for ice cream to blame on him. Thanks Kyle! We trucked over to a locally owned hot spot, Izzy's.

The shop has only been around since 2000, but it's already what I would consider a Twin Cities institution. I really think they make the best ice cream I've ever had, and being the food snob that I am, I'm not one to give out a title like that all willy-nilly. They make all their own stuff, and there was so many yummy sounding and interesting flavors on the menu that I had a hard time deciding.

(for the record, there were MANY more flavors in the case than what was shown on the board.)

I went with Strawberry, as this is my classically favorite flavor and a tough test for good ice cream. For my Izzy, which is a trial size scoop on top of the big scoop, I chose Honey Almond Brickle and it was all happily ensconced in a homemade waffle cone.

Both flavors were creamy and delicious and with the perfect balance of sweetness. Furthermore, the whole Izzy scoop thing is just beyond cool in my book since it's like ice cream tapas and I have a supreme weakness for the 'little tastes' style of eating. There's even a whole dish full of Izzy scoops on the menu, called the Dizzy Izzy. Next time I'm going to try the Izzabella, a chocolate dipped waffle cone rolled in Marcona almonds
with an Oblaten wafer and a bunch of other cool acoutrements.
Either that, or the Mini Split, a bananna split using those tiny but delicious South American banannas. (Cool idea, huh?)
YAY for Izzy's!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yes, actually, I do still knit

I had the opportunity to visit a new-to-me LYS yesterday...Yarnzilla. I had been trying to get there for some time, but it just hadn't happened prior to now. A cute little shop with Housepet on the floor and a very nice variety of yarns. Lots of Lambs Pride Nature Spun, which I LOVE even more than Cascade 220 for felting, Artful Yarns, Cherry Tree Hill, etc., and best of all, a very large selection of Koigu. I knew I had to have some, and spent considerable time agonzing over what colorway to get as I chatted with the friendly owner and another knitter. Anyway, here's what I ended up with:

I'm actually not thinking socks (I know....gasp!), but some kind of small summer wrap. There was a beautiful openwork pattern scarf at the shop that I can see major possibilities for, but for now, I'm keeping my eye out for a summer shrug-ish or wrappy pattern and tentatively planning to start work on the turtleneck shrug from ScarfStyle with the hope that I'll have it finished before fall. Which means that the Koigu will likely be stashfied...

I'm almost finished with the Color on Color scarf. I have about a third of the ends to weave in and a few more feet of I-cord to knit and then it's done. Here's it's current state:

Pretty, no? I changed the triangles of the end of the last section to rectangles and omitted the braided dangly thing. The only other alteration I anticipate is crocheting or grafting something on to the seam where section 19 joins the rest of the piece, as even after several do-overs, it's still not very nice looking from the right side.

You can see where the plastic cocktail animal bomb went off in the background of the pic, the result of my search for twelve orange monkeys for Carrie's Monkey Bag. I wasn't planning on making one myself, but I've discovered there's some other neato stuff in the assortment and what the heck else am I going to do with a tub full of choking hazzards? I'm thinking the green mermaids have serious potential, or the pink elephants with loops already attatched to their butts for hanging...

Last nights dinner

Well, acually night before last by now but the internet and our ISP have been acting badly preventing me from posting yesterday. Boo.

I started with the Blue Cheese and Mushroom Crostini. It was rich and delicious and everything a little bite should be...crunchy, packed with flavor, and interesting. It was also very easy to make, and I can see the party potential since everything can be made ahead and then the toasts can be assembled and baked as needed. The hardest part for me was trying not to eat all the mushrooms straight from the pan as they were sauteeing.

Next time I think I'll reduce the fat as efoodie suggests as the overwhelming richness prevented me from eating as many of these little yummies as I would have liked.
For the entree, digging around in my cupboard and freezer, I discovered I had the makings of a pretty spring risotto with shrimp, summer squash and red bell pepper:

A fairly decent result considering I didn't have to go out for any ingredients. Simple and easy. I hadn't made a risotto in quite a while, and I had forgotten what a nice take on comfort food it can be. Next time I'll do it properly Italian with more rice and less other stuff.

I've gotten busy managing construction things again so it's back to sandwich central for at least the next few days. Stay tuned for more adventures in Chimichurri and hopefully some fun with beans and grains.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tape it!

I had to make a run to the crap store on Sunday for some ubercute motorcycle fabric that has Troy Corser's #3 World Superbike Aprilia on it...the same bike I own! So COOL!
Anyway, of course I had to make a pass through the yarn department, and as I was on my way out, I happened to spy rolls of duct (Duck brand) tape in cool colors

The wheels started turning, and I just couldn't resist buying a whole basket of the stuff. Believe it or not, the pile picured acutally represents a fair amount of restraint on my part even though some of the colors didn't make the photo op. Best of all, some of the smaller rolls were on clearance for only fifty cents!

I'm a sucker for anything yellow and I've been wanting a new summer wallet and purse small enough to tuck into the tail section of my bike for two wheeled trips, so that was first up on the project agenda. After a bunch of messing around and some trial and error, I managed to fabricate this little purse as a prototype:

Of course it matches my bike and my leathers :)
I think it turned out pretty well, and it fits perfectly into it's little tail cubby.
I really want to try out a few other ideas for coin purses and wristlets, and I'm planning on making a wallet for boy based on these directions from 3M's site using the blue tape.
The possibilities are seemingly endless...fortunately I've got a lot of tape. It's likely to be purse and wallet central around here for a while so if anyone out there just can't live without a duct tape accessory, let me know.
Now I just need to find a way to keep Angela from eating the scrap tape wads while I'm working.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Last nights dinner

For whatever reason, I managed to have a decently productive weekend and as promised, there's yum to share.
I had some flank steak in the freezer that seemed like the perfect candidate for steak tacos.
Here's the peppers grilling to charred deliciousness

For the steak, I marinated it in Chimichurri sauce for a couple of hours and then grilled to medium rare. This was my first time making Chimichurri sauce so I just chose a recipe that looked good. It was absolutely delicious, but next time I think I'll try one of the other recipes that calls for lemon zest just out of curiosity.

Here's the finished tacos (with my favorite swill peeking in)

I sliced the grilled peppers and sweet onions and served a corn, green chile, and avocado salsa as a condiment, along with extra chimichurri sauce and sour cream. The sweetness of the grilled onions and the corn salsa were really a nice compliment to the bright, tangy sauce and the charred richness of the meat.

The tacos were a big hit with both of us. I definitely want to do some grilled chicken parts or a pork tenderloin slathered with this fresh, yummy green guck, and I can see it becoming a standing favorite for entertaining because it's easy and different. All of the ingredients just get thrown into the food processor and zizzed, so it takes about three minutes from start to finish. Chimichurri Love.

For the Corn, Green Chile and Avocado Salsa:
1 can corn kernels or a couple of cobs of grilled corn
1 jalapeno, finely chopped
2 roasted, peeled green chiles, any variety
a handful of coarsley chopped cilantro
1 firm-ripe Haas avocado, diced
juice of half a lime
splash of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
Toss together and serve.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Indulging my two obsessions

Carrie is spouse free for the weekend, so we decided to hook up with her for a little dinner and shopping last night. I had been wanting to check out K*art all week as it seems the blogosphere is abuzz about some neato new stuff there. They're even featured in the current issue of Metropolitan Home magazine with an item in the Design Top 100. Whooda thunk?
Anyway, we were NOT dissapointed. They've got some suprisingly nice, cool stuff which makes it really too bad that the shopping experince there leaves so much to be desired. I could post for a week on the weirdness of the clientel alone.

The first thing that caught my eye was the collection of bath towels in the most fabulous colors ever, and I couldn't resist getting a few of those (they're decently thick, and at 2/$10 how could I pass it up?), along with a couple of new kitchen towels:

We were seriously freaking out in the dish towel aisle because there was just so much cuteness to choose from.
Other things not to miss...the plastic dishware in great graphic patterns and colors (I want it ALL for summer entertaining), the kitchen gadgets (suprisingly good selection and quality) and something to make the drinking straw conniseur in me all giddy:

Fat. Straw. Nirvana. (a good straw is hard to find)
Needless to say, I WILL be going back, even despite the ghettoness of the place.

On the kitchen front...MUST cook something yummy today. A weeks worth of quick dinners and takeout are making me crabby. I've got a bunch of baby portobella mushrooms in my fridge that will be getting the Blue Cheese and Mushroom Crostini treatment from efoodie's blog
and something with grilled flank steak. mmmmm.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Strange things are happening in my kitchen

Boy is not much of a cook. Not that he's not a good cook, but that I just wouldn't know because he's cooked for me a total of three times in the history of our relationship. So when I finished eating my takeout sub the other night and said to him "you should make brownies", I was a little suprised that he didn't just laugh. Instead he looked at me and said "hmmmmm." Very weird.

Minutes later:

WHAT is up with that?
Considering he's never, ever baked cookies before, the results were pretty impressive:

No, not brownies, but just as good, and my only concession to the project was toasting and chopping the nuts for him.
He took the last pan out of the oven while I was in the living room and said "that one's for you". Of course I was like "wwwhahht? aren't they ALL for me?", and I didn't even bother to investigate until later, when I found this:

Isn't that cute? What a guy.

And on the knitting front...yes, I WILL get some measure of knitting done this weekend. I'm finally down to just the I cord on the C on C scarf (aside from weaving in ends, that is). Since I cord is about as mindless as it gets, I should be able to make a serious dent in the ten miles or so that the scarf requires...once I get going that is.

P.S. if anyone has any suggestions for Linux friendly photo hosting other than Flickr (but that's as usable as Flickr), please hook a girl up. I'm having issues...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ice Cream Emergency

I couldn't resist having a Raspberry Cheesequake Blizzard from Dairy Queen. The commercials suckered me in.

There's something about ice cream that sends Angela into a kitty panic. She wouldn't even give me a second alone with my blizzard to snap a picture. Incidentally, I absolutely cannot eat cereal and milk sitting down, because I don't have enough hands to keep her from putting her little nose right into the bowl with my spoon.

Have I mentioned I have the bestest SO ever? I talked him into driving us to DQ with the simple statement "I'm having an ice cream emergency."

The on-the-way-to-DQ conversation:
Me:(digging through my purse looking for a Lactaid) "Ohhhh look!! I found a darning needle!"
Boy: Oh Darn!

Last night I asked him to stop at the movie store on his way home from getting the Breakfast Burrito ingredients to pick up the film Word Wars. I had asked about it over the weekend but was told it wasn't being released until yesterday (because media always comes out on Tuesdays, right Carrie?).
Boy on his way out the door:
"What's the name of that movie you want? Word Nerds? Letter Losers?"
He HATES Scrabble and will only play when he's paralyzed with boredom or thinks he needs to be extra nice to me, but I think he found the film as interesting as I did. Either that or he was reveling in the fact that the clientele drawn by a Scrabble convention appears to be significantly more maladjusted and disheveled-looking than those who attend Computer Science conventions. whew. me too. And fortunately he's on the top of the nerd pile when it comes to looks :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dirty girl

The weather is beautiful again today, and even though the day is only half over, I'm exhausted.
Here's what I would have liked to have been doing today:

and here's what I did instead, minus the filthy blond chick that goes in them:

Mud is SO not my friend, but I think we're finally done with the worst of it. On the bright side, shoveling wet clay pretty much puts all other forms of manual labor to shame, and I'm hoping I can keep that in mind when it comes time to shovel gravel and sand. Also on the bright side, I've certainly gotten my workout in for the day and I can enjoy tonight's Breakfast Burrioto dinner without guilt.
MMMMMMMMMmmm.... did I hear breakfast burritos? I can't wait! I'm even going to take the last of my home made Almond Croissants out of the freezer to go with them.

Monday, April 04, 2005

So much blog, so little time

First, check out this coolness from Thwart Design:

A bacon freaking bracelet? (Plus it's made out of leather) Seriously....
There are a couple of bacon-obsessed food bloggers on my daily read list that I know would LOVE such an item.

Second...I have a dining adventure to report on. Boy came home early on Friday to take me out for ExtraSpecialSuperFabulousFun Friday, and we decided to hit a local brewpub/restaurant we heard about from our friends last weekend. Barley John's Brewpub is locally owned and something of a hole in the wall in an odd location. Nevertheless, we just had to try it after wondering about it for some time and then hearing the rave review.
They brew all their own beer, and also serve a few "guest beers" of the commercially avaliable variety (including Ace Pear Cider, which Carrie loves). They had about eight homebrews on tap for our visit including a special Anniversary Ale that our waitress informed us was a "Red" beer. Although I was hoping he'd go for the Dark Knight (13%alcohol!) Boy ordered the Old Eight Porter and I had what amounted to beer dim-sum, the Featured Four sampler.

That's the beers in a nifty little beer holder and shown with the Artichoke dip appetizer we had. It came out with slices of good bread and was delicious; made unique with the addition of wild rice. Definitely one of the better Artichoke dips I've had. I also had a field green salad with a lovely homeade vinagrette that contained an herb I just couldn't place...delicious, fresh and unique.
For our entrees, we both ordered one of their grilled pizzas.
Mine, the pizza O, with roasted peppers and portobella mushrooms, and Boy the Pizza J, with Canadian bacon, pineapple and aged cheddar. His won by a landslide but both were lovingly handmade and yummy.

Honestly, the whole beer thing was pretty much lost on us, as we are not exactly conniseurs of beer, but it's a cool endeavour and I'd go back just for the artichoke dip any day. Of the four beers in my sampler, I liked the Old Eight Porter the best. It tasted like chocolate and coffee which I presume are desirable characteristics in a thick, dark beer, but to me, there's just something off-putting about drinking dark brown, almost syrupy stuff and thinking "beer". The Little Barley Bitter was also decent, with the Stockyard IPA coming in third and the Wild Brunette absolutely undrinkable due to the extremely bitter finish. I guess I must have an accute sense of bitter, because Boy liked the Wild Brunette and said it tasted like strawberry. It seriously made me want to retch.
Anyway, it was a fun adventure and worth a visit.

We finally got to our bikes out yesterday. It was a beautiful day and just perfect for a ride so we geared up and headed north to a family gathering. I love the first few rides of spring because I've always managed to forget over the winter how much I love my bike and riding.
I made a batch of iced sugar cookie cutouts to take with but I forgot to take a picture of them. I named them "Your 70's Kitchen Wallpaper Cookies", and they were yummy, made better by the fact that I managed to get them 70 miles north by motorcycle and not break a single one.

An then...
Guess what showed up on my doorstep while I was away yesterday?
A CHIBI!!!!! all wrapped up in a cute little suprise box.
My pal Carrie is just the best! She really knows how to make people feel special and it's one of the things I love about her. Thanks to her I'm now a Chibi owner...
And we all know I'll put those darning needles to good use. If only I had three hands to use them all at once.

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