Monday, April 25, 2005

Fat Nat's Eggs

Saturday morning I woke up hungry for breakfast and didn't have a lot of time to waste since we were due out at the house to get a few things wrapped up. I did a quick online search and came up with a place that I had never heard of before, but since it was convenient to our direction of travel and the reviews sounded good, I figured what the heck.
Fat Nat's Eggs is an old fashioned diner-style restaurant in a suburban strip mall. It's got everything a diner needs to be great, and none of the truck stop yuckiness that ususally puts me off. Smoke free, clean and sparkling, with chatty waitresses bustling around behind the counterv that know many of the customers by name.
We found a couple of seats at the counter and I had a steaming cup of coffee in front of me in a matter of seconds which was a great start and just what I needed to prepare for our morning of manual labor.
Nat's has all of the typical breakfast stuff on the menu well as several varieties of eggs benedict that sounded delicious. Most egg dishes are served with Amercian fries and there's everything from french toast to a chicken sandwich or steak if you're not into the egg thing. I had a hard time deciding, but finally ended up ordering the special, biscuits and gravy with two eggs and American fries. Boy had two pancakes and two eggs.
Our food came out in the blink of an eye and with plenty of griddle grease. I've sampled biscuits and gravy all the way from here to Florida and Nat's was some of the best, and the American fries were what I have only dreamed about in my own kitchen and never been patient enough to succeed at. Big, extra crispy and dark brown chunks of hand cut potatos with a little onion and green pepper and garnished with scallions for a touch of freshness. Yum! Of course the eggs were great, too. Boy ate every last bite of his pancakes (before I could even get a taste) and said they were delicious.
If you're looking for fast, fresh and hand prepared food from real ingredients, check out Fat Nat's. Next time, sign me up for the Italian eggs benedict.

Yeeehaaa based on your review we are now journeying from Uptown Minneapolis to some place I've never heard of (I'm not a MPLS lifer) to go check out Fat Nat's Eggs.

Saw the menu in City Pages, looks funky and yummy. Your's was the first local blogreview of Fat nat's. His menu shows a sense of humor, so off we go.
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