Monday, May 10, 2010

Deer-1, Splatgirl-0

In gardening news, chalk one up for the deer.
I guess I should be thankful I've been served fair warning that I need to get a fence up now rather than having had an entire garden dined upon later in the season, but still, argh.

So much for the wishful thinking that putting the garden beds close-ish to the house would discourage the wildlife from feasting.

deer snacks
Those bare stems used to be some lush little strawberry plants. Why they were selected for snacking over the smaller ones I've no idea, but convenient that the diners were kind enough to leave their stamp--er, footprint--on things so I know not to blame the dog, isn't it? Not that PupCake is an innocent in this game...he's sampled his share of plants this spring, too, but he seems to favor potted or to-be-potted annuals over fruits and veg and I think I have him convinced that bad things happen to doggies who romp in garden beds.
Ironically, the unharmed plants are those that I endured a rainy Fridays' worth of insanity for at the Friends School plant sale at the Fairgrounds last week.
(note to self: I don't need anything that bad, ever.)


My neighbor seems to have fence-less garden good luck with Irish Spring soap shavings, so I guess I'll have to make a run for some of that and cross my fingers until I get another free weekend for the fence project.

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