Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ok, yikes!  It's been a weird winter and I think it's had a trickle-down effect on the rest of everything else.  It's time to order garden seeds and there's still a post with a photo of LAST Spring on my homepage.  That is just. not. right.

Remember the totally fun and girlie eyelet bag I teased you with a few posts down?  The issue of Sew Stylish magazine it appears in is on newsstands now, and I highly recommend you go get your copy, because there are some really great projects in there (besides my bag, of course!) and a whole bunch of fantastic inspiration.
Here's a peek:
Sew Stylish, Spring 2012
Anyway, this morning when I was poking around in the fridge looking for jam in an attempt to violate my "no sugar on a weekday" policy (since, hey, it's Thursday which means it's almost the weekend, right?)  I realized I'm out of both the Meyer lemon-thyme and the blood orange marmalades I made last year, which reminded me I've completely missed Meyer lemon season and almost missed blood orange season, argh.  Here's the happy memories of citrus from last winter:  
prepping blood oranges
blood orange marmalade
That's the Meyer lemon-thyme in the back.  These two little jars of awesomeness served me so well, it's a shame I couldn't get my act together to replace their contents when the opportunity was at hand this year.  I used this on everything from toast to wood-fired oven pizzas.   Those pictures make me crave duck confit.  Maybe with some brie on a baguette...

Am I the only one who gets to this point in the season and starts freaking out about all of the favorite Winter food cooking she has so far failed to undertake?

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