Sunday, April 10, 2005

Indulging my two obsessions

Carrie is spouse free for the weekend, so we decided to hook up with her for a little dinner and shopping last night. I had been wanting to check out K*art all week as it seems the blogosphere is abuzz about some neato new stuff there. They're even featured in the current issue of Metropolitan Home magazine with an item in the Design Top 100. Whooda thunk?
Anyway, we were NOT dissapointed. They've got some suprisingly nice, cool stuff which makes it really too bad that the shopping experince there leaves so much to be desired. I could post for a week on the weirdness of the clientel alone.

The first thing that caught my eye was the collection of bath towels in the most fabulous colors ever, and I couldn't resist getting a few of those (they're decently thick, and at 2/$10 how could I pass it up?), along with a couple of new kitchen towels:

We were seriously freaking out in the dish towel aisle because there was just so much cuteness to choose from.
Other things not to miss...the plastic dishware in great graphic patterns and colors (I want it ALL for summer entertaining), the kitchen gadgets (suprisingly good selection and quality) and something to make the drinking straw conniseur in me all giddy:

Fat. Straw. Nirvana. (a good straw is hard to find)
Needless to say, I WILL be going back, even despite the ghettoness of the place.

On the kitchen front...MUST cook something yummy today. A weeks worth of quick dinners and takeout are making me crabby. I've got a bunch of baby portobella mushrooms in my fridge that will be getting the Blue Cheese and Mushroom Crostini treatment from efoodie's blog
and something with grilled flank steak. mmmmm.

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