Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tape it!

I had to make a run to the crap store on Sunday for some ubercute motorcycle fabric that has Troy Corser's #3 World Superbike Aprilia on it...the same bike I own! So COOL!
Anyway, of course I had to make a pass through the yarn department, and as I was on my way out, I happened to spy rolls of duct (Duck brand) tape in cool colors

The wheels started turning, and I just couldn't resist buying a whole basket of the stuff. Believe it or not, the pile picured acutally represents a fair amount of restraint on my part even though some of the colors didn't make the photo op. Best of all, some of the smaller rolls were on clearance for only fifty cents!

I'm a sucker for anything yellow and I've been wanting a new summer wallet and purse small enough to tuck into the tail section of my bike for two wheeled trips, so that was first up on the project agenda. After a bunch of messing around and some trial and error, I managed to fabricate this little purse as a prototype:

Of course it matches my bike and my leathers :)
I think it turned out pretty well, and it fits perfectly into it's little tail cubby.
I really want to try out a few other ideas for coin purses and wristlets, and I'm planning on making a wallet for boy based on these directions from 3M's site using the blue tape.
The possibilities are seemingly endless...fortunately I've got a lot of tape. It's likely to be purse and wallet central around here for a while so if anyone out there just can't live without a duct tape accessory, let me know.
Now I just need to find a way to keep Angela from eating the scrap tape wads while I'm working.

SUUUUPERRRR Cute! Did you use the clear tape over the ribbon? I can't wait to fondle it in person.
You are entirely tooooo talented! This is great.
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