Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yes, actually, I do still knit

I had the opportunity to visit a new-to-me LYS yesterday...Yarnzilla. I had been trying to get there for some time, but it just hadn't happened prior to now. A cute little shop with Housepet on the floor and a very nice variety of yarns. Lots of Lambs Pride Nature Spun, which I LOVE even more than Cascade 220 for felting, Artful Yarns, Cherry Tree Hill, etc., and best of all, a very large selection of Koigu. I knew I had to have some, and spent considerable time agonzing over what colorway to get as I chatted with the friendly owner and another knitter. Anyway, here's what I ended up with:

I'm actually not thinking socks (I know....gasp!), but some kind of small summer wrap. There was a beautiful openwork pattern scarf at the shop that I can see major possibilities for, but for now, I'm keeping my eye out for a summer shrug-ish or wrappy pattern and tentatively planning to start work on the turtleneck shrug from ScarfStyle with the hope that I'll have it finished before fall. Which means that the Koigu will likely be stashfied...

I'm almost finished with the Color on Color scarf. I have about a third of the ends to weave in and a few more feet of I-cord to knit and then it's done. Here's it's current state:

Pretty, no? I changed the triangles of the end of the last section to rectangles and omitted the braided dangly thing. The only other alteration I anticipate is crocheting or grafting something on to the seam where section 19 joins the rest of the piece, as even after several do-overs, it's still not very nice looking from the right side.

You can see where the plastic cocktail animal bomb went off in the background of the pic, the result of my search for twelve orange monkeys for Carrie's Monkey Bag. I wasn't planning on making one myself, but I've discovered there's some other neato stuff in the assortment and what the heck else am I going to do with a tub full of choking hazzards? I'm thinking the green mermaids have serious potential, or the pink elephants with loops already attatched to their butts for hanging...

I'm loving the Koigu, of course. Even though it's quite a travesty the Koigu won't be made into socks, I'll still support your summer shrug-ish idea. sigh. Quite a plethera of cocktail animals. I spy orange monkeys!
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