Friday, April 22, 2005

Sugar High Friday

Ohhhh...the excitement. My first official entry in Sugar High Friday, the monthly food blogging event started by the Domestic Goddess , and this month hosted by An Obsession with Food.
When I discovered the theme ingredient for this month was Molasses I knew I had the perfect must-blog-about molasses item. It just so happened that I posted about one of my all time favorites, Molasses cookies, a couple of months ago, with some fabulous photos taken by Ms. Knit-Whit, and I'm thrilled with the opportunity to chat them up again as well as make a foray into just one of the many fantastic food blogging events.

There's very little else in the cookie realm that can top molasses cookies for me, with the dangerous caveat being that I could easily eat and entire batch, or even a double batch, myself in an afternoon. I just love the combination of texture and taste supplied by this very basic and ages old recipe. Having tried several more complex and presumably gourmet recipes in the past and been dissapointed, I stick with the recipe from The Betty Crocker cookbook and substitute butter for shortening. As you can see, the results are cookie perfection. In the case pictured below, I made a new and fabulous change and rolled the dough balls in coarse sanding sugar instead of regular granulated sugar that's been my standby before. If questioned, I would have expressed skepticism that these cookies could ever get any better, but the sanding sugar put these absolutely over the top.
Just thinking about it makes me want to jump right up and make a batch.

So here's to Sugar High Fridays.

Yes I will try these cookies again, thanks for asking ;-)
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