Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Color on Color scarf=FO!!

And that's all I have to say :)

That's absolutely beautiful - thanks for sharing!
WoW! Job well done, what an accomplishment...cool knit. Now, go journal about it!
Gorgeous. You must be determined!
you did an amazing job!
That is one fantastic scarf!

And holy cow, woman, I was just looking back and couldn't take my eyes off your food posts. Everything you made is something I'd love to eat!
Wow. Wow. Did you use the yarn specified in the pattern? It's stunning.
Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm so happy to be done, I think I need to have a party.
The scarf is knit with the Paternayan Persian tapestry yarn as called for by the pattern.
The scarf is amazing, first one that I've seen someone knit up, although I've been looking through all the Scarf Style Knitalong site photos for some time now. You did a wonderful job.
I love this scarf... it looks amazing!
Your scarf is gorgeous! Did you have any trouble getting the gauge listed in the pattern?
Hi Gwen. I'm a tight knitter, so I needed to use size 8's for the two strand sections and size 5's for the single strand fair isle stuff and my gauge was right on. I typically go up two sizes from what a pattern recommends, but in this case it was three. In any case, the piece really benefited from some serious steam blocking. I blocked each section after it was completed and before/after attatching sections together.
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