Saturday, April 09, 2005

Strange things are happening in my kitchen

Boy is not much of a cook. Not that he's not a good cook, but that I just wouldn't know because he's cooked for me a total of three times in the history of our relationship. So when I finished eating my takeout sub the other night and said to him "you should make brownies", I was a little suprised that he didn't just laugh. Instead he looked at me and said "hmmmmm." Very weird.

Minutes later:

WHAT is up with that?
Considering he's never, ever baked cookies before, the results were pretty impressive:

No, not brownies, but just as good, and my only concession to the project was toasting and chopping the nuts for him.
He took the last pan out of the oven while I was in the living room and said "that one's for you". Of course I was like "wwwhahht? aren't they ALL for me?", and I didn't even bother to investigate until later, when I found this:

Isn't that cute? What a guy.

And on the knitting front...yes, I WILL get some measure of knitting done this weekend. I'm finally down to just the I cord on the C on C scarf (aside from weaving in ends, that is). Since I cord is about as mindless as it gets, I should be able to make a serious dent in the ten miles or so that the scarf requires...once I get going that is.

P.S. if anyone has any suggestions for Linux friendly photo hosting other than Flickr (but that's as usable as Flickr), please hook a girl up. I'm having issues...

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