Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dirty girl

The weather is beautiful again today, and even though the day is only half over, I'm exhausted.
Here's what I would have liked to have been doing today:

and here's what I did instead, minus the filthy blond chick that goes in them:

Mud is SO not my friend, but I think we're finally done with the worst of it. On the bright side, shoveling wet clay pretty much puts all other forms of manual labor to shame, and I'm hoping I can keep that in mind when it comes time to shovel gravel and sand. Also on the bright side, I've certainly gotten my workout in for the day and I can enjoy tonight's Breakfast Burrioto dinner without guilt.
MMMMMMMMMmmm.... did I hear breakfast burritos? I can't wait! I'm even going to take the last of my home made Almond Croissants out of the freezer to go with them.

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