Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ice Cream Emergency

I couldn't resist having a Raspberry Cheesequake Blizzard from Dairy Queen. The commercials suckered me in.

There's something about ice cream that sends Angela into a kitty panic. She wouldn't even give me a second alone with my blizzard to snap a picture. Incidentally, I absolutely cannot eat cereal and milk sitting down, because I don't have enough hands to keep her from putting her little nose right into the bowl with my spoon.

Have I mentioned I have the bestest SO ever? I talked him into driving us to DQ with the simple statement "I'm having an ice cream emergency."

The on-the-way-to-DQ conversation:
Me:(digging through my purse looking for a Lactaid) "Ohhhh look!! I found a darning needle!"
Boy: Oh Darn!

Last night I asked him to stop at the movie store on his way home from getting the Breakfast Burrito ingredients to pick up the film Word Wars. I had asked about it over the weekend but was told it wasn't being released until yesterday (because media always comes out on Tuesdays, right Carrie?).
Boy on his way out the door:
"What's the name of that movie you want? Word Nerds? Letter Losers?"
He HATES Scrabble and will only play when he's paralyzed with boredom or thinks he needs to be extra nice to me, but I think he found the film as interesting as I did. Either that or he was reveling in the fact that the clientele drawn by a Scrabble convention appears to be significantly more maladjusted and disheveled-looking than those who attend Computer Science conventions. whew. me too. And fortunately he's on the top of the nerd pile when it comes to looks :)

OOOHHHH This post made me laugh out loud. In fact I'm still giggling. Angela looks like she's on a mission and I see the ConC in the background!
Letter Losers...soooo funny...
And yes, all media is released on Tuesdays.
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