Thursday, February 24, 2005

After the show

In the interest of those of you who TiVo'd, I'll just say that last nights finale of Project Runway could not have turned out better and my celebration meal was not in vain. The outcome was exactly as I was predicting and hoping for. Even better, did anyone catch the "wanna be a contestant on the NEXT season of Project Runway"? That's right, it said NEXT. WHOOHOO!

I had to make a quick grocery run for dinner ingredients, and these little babies ended up in my basket because they were just too cute to pass up

They're trial size little sweet peppers and they were YUM. I ended up using them in the Kerala Golden Curry. Here's a shot of mies en place, including the evenings' cocktail of choice, the Mojito, which happens to be my main summer standby. I chose Mojitos over wine mainly because the limes at the grocery store were as big as softballs (really) and looked fresh and enticing.

And a not so flattering shot of the finished dish

It really looked a lot better in person. I used extra wide flat rice noodles which I have to say would not get my vote again over rice. There's just a certin way that rice soaks up all the coconutty, spicy goodness that noodles cannot. Anyway, SO and I both thought it was delicious.

So, I'm hosting CraftyCHIX tonight, my bi-weekly eat and create event. I always try and pick a menu with ease of preparation and service in mind, and tonight it's Pork Barbeque sandwiches with jojo potatos. I have the pork in my crock pot and it's already smelling delicious. I'm making this slaw recipe, instead of the one that goes with the pork BBQ recipe since it got better reviews, so I also made the required Carolina Red Barbeque Sauce. I reserved a half cup of this sauce for the slaw and poured the rest into the crock pot with the pork shoulder. I'm crock pot-braising instead of BBQing since it is still winter here, it happens to be snowing today, and the idea of tending a grill all day was less than thrilling. Boo.
Hopefully I'll remember to snap a few pics tonight of everyone's craft project since getting to see what everyone is working on is half the fun of getting together. I'm going to attempt to acutally make some progress on my Color on Color scarf.

I'm totally drooling over the meal you've prepared! Have a productive craft night!
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