Saturday, February 26, 2005

Are we there yet?

It's starting to feel more and more like spring is nudging it's way in around here, and as a result, I'm getting antsy about our ongoing homebuilding project. While progress hasn't been made over the winter to the extent I would have hoped, things are creeping along and I'm looking forward to getting to the finished point with the actual structure because I feel like that's when it's really going to look and feel like something.
Here's what it looks like now:

That's the southeast corner of what will eventually be a two-story living room that walks out to a patio. On the left side of the photo is the master bedroom which will also have patio access and in the corner between these two walls will be the spiral stair for access to roof decks on two levels.
I wish we could just jump ahead to the finish line and move in. Building a new home has been as much an exercize in patience as anything else for me, with the added caveat being that I, as GC, have accepted responsibility for the timeline so I have no one to blame except myself when things don't move ahead as quickly as I'd like. Sigh. Plus, I'm really just in this for the fun parts, i.e., the interior designing and the selfish desire to control every detail of what the acutal space will be like, inside and out. This is not to say that I'm not interested in the more functional aspects of building a house, but I'm rather over the endless phone calls, sourcing, discussing, driving and muddy boots part of it all at this point. I want to play with sinks and faucets and lighting and countertops and cabinets and paint colors now, damnit.

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