Friday, February 11, 2005

I'll start with what I consider to be one of my signature pieces. This is a stained glass panel I designed and built because I wanted something beautiful for myself. I was also interested in experimenting with unconventional design and construction methods in stained glass and exploring the limits of what is possible. It currently resides in my living room. The panel is 48" x 36" and took me about three months to complete.
I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with stained glass as a medium. It can be technically difficult and has an extremely diverse palette, two things I really enjoy about it, yet I feel as an art form it's been corrupted by the pervasiveness of bad "craft"...ugly and clunky stuff that's made by the needlepoint-on-plastic-canvas crowd and by work done with subject matter that's completely out of context for the medium. In my experience, stained glass to most people means gold plated angel suncatchers sold at church bazaars, Winnie the Pooh window panels and those bad lampshades at TGI Friday's. UGH!
Rants aside, I love the contradiction of creating something flowing and exotic out of a hard, unforgiving material like glass.

Neptunes Dream
There's a great slide show at The International Guild of Glass Artists that has some interesting work done by glass artists of all varieties.

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