Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm holding my breath for tonights' season finale of Project Runway. Two hours of love.
All I can say is that if Wendy Pepper wins, I'm going to need some kind of therapy. In fact, I might need some kind of therapy just to be able to put up with her for two hours without losing my mind. I really don't like the chick.
On a human level, I have to admit I do find it a little sad, (but not too sad to still be funny in a malicious sort of way) the insane amount of crap WP has gotten. On the other hand, she really did ask for it. Let her crash and burn be a reminder to anyone aspiring to reality TV. Either get your head shit straight ahead of time, i.e. evolve beyond the psyche of a 12 year old, or play nice. Copping the omnicient power bitch attitude on national TV when you have nothing real to back it up with is a bad, bad idea. So, WP, may this be the episode that delivers you into obscurity. You're an idoit.

I think I'll make some curry to celebrate what I hope will be a satisfying outcome.

Kerala Golden Curry
recipe by JD Fratzke, former chef at Chino Latino, Mpls. MN

2T. Ghee
3 Shallots, julienned
2T minced garlic
3T minced ginger
1 jalapeno, chopped
2 1/2T Madras curry powder
2 1/2 shrimp stock
1/3 c. fresh lime juice
3c. thick coconut milk
2T. fish sauce
1T raw sugar

Heat ghee to near smoking in stock pot over medium heat. Add shallots, sweat breifly and then add garlic, ginger and jalapeno. When garlic begins to brown, quickly add curry powder, stirring constantly so as not to scorch the spices or veggies. When curry becomes aromatic, reduce heat to medium-low, de-glaze pot with lime juice, allow to cook down, add shrimp stock and bring to a boil.
When shrimp stock mixture has reduced by about a third, add coconut milk. When coconut milk begins to boil, drizzle in the fish sauce and stir in the sugar. Taste and adjust for salt by adding more fish sauce or for sweetness by adding more sugar.
Strain sauce before serving.

The recipe calls for serving over Tilapia but I'm going to use shrimp and serve it with rice noodles. Now for the wine...

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