Monday, February 14, 2005

Ode to Spain weekend

Our Saturday shopping venture became more elaborate than I anticipated, so I ended up putting together a quick Tapas meal for us out of some of the yummy things I gathered throughout the day.
The selection included roasted red peppers and portobello mushrooms, Arbequina Spanish and Gordal Greek olives, Calabrese sausage, Herb salami, fresh fruit, Garroxta cheese(an aged Spanish goat cheese), another Spanish goat cheese called "Drunken Goat", Prima Donna Gouda (not Spanish but one of our faves), a nice bottle of Vino Tinto and a great Baguette. That's Josie Boo eyeing the spread in the background.
Sunday night I made the Churrasco Pork Tenderloin:

I served it over brown rice with a salad of organic greens with lime-honey vinagrette. The real star of this show, however was a fabulous bottle of wine, a Mencia from Dominio De Tares in Bierzo, Spain. It was SO yummy!
Both meals were delicious but the Tapas was my favorite since I'm crazy about snack-style meals. There's nothing better than little bits of lots of tasty stuff.

Oh yea, Happy Valentines Day!! I'll have some pics of the delicious "favorite things" meal I'm planning as a special treat for A-number-one-guy tonight.
Happy cooking

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