Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pizza night

My oldest and dearest kitty Josie Boo has really been struggling the last few days so we wanted to stay close to home and keep her company while she's still around to soak up the pets and snuggles. It's been really difficult and sad, so cooking up a little gourmet pizza last night was a welcome distraction. I've been craving sun dried tomatos lately and that became my jumping off point for ingredient selection. I sent SO to the store with a list and one of the extras that caught his eye was another box of the baby sweet peppers we enjoyed in our curry the other night. Of course I had to have mushrooms :) I also sliced up some calabrese sausage for him as a gourmet substitute to pepperoni.

I tried a different pizza dough recipe, this one from the newish Gourmet Magazine cookbook, and it was fairly good but not my favorite. It did make itself into super thinness easier than some.

Pizza number one was thin crusted calabrese, sweetpepper and mozzarella for SO that he gobbled up before I got a pic.
Number two was sun dried tomato, sweet pepper, baby portobella mushroom and goat cheese for me,

and number three was a thicker-crusted pesto based half mushroom medley for lefover snacks which I snapped a picure of before it got into the oven.

We washed everything down with a yummy bottle of wine, a toast to Josie Boo, and a couple of movies.

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