Thursday, February 17, 2005

Power tools

I love it when my interests intersect. Apparently I am not the only one who knows knitting is the bomb.

I found this little tidbit at Core 77, one of the places I visit to feed my design addiction.
I love unique custom designed knitted objects (although I'm not sure what one would do with a knitted skull). My friend Carrie designed and knit a felted IPod cozy that almost makes me want to get an IPod.

It's the weekend. YAY! I've been craving Thai food all week and I think I'll grab Anumberoneguy and take him for a bite tonight. There's a little hole in the wall restaurant near us that is far and away our most visited, most favorite dining destination. We're really going to miss running over for a quick weeknight dinner when we move across town. I do have a plan, however. For the last year, I've had this little beauty stashed away in the garage:

I've been dissapointed with home cooked wok food so many times that I finally just gave up. Wimpy residential ranges just don't crank out the BTU's you need for wok success. More than any other goodie, I'm ridiculously excited about having this thing in my new house. We'll probably be eating stir-fry every night for a year. Plus it makes a really cool noise when it's on which I guess is why it's called a jet burner.

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