Sunday, February 13, 2005


I was planning on posting a few pics of our fabulous food weekend, but that will have to wait while I take a few days to get up to speed with the new laptop that was a suprise (and OSO fabulous) Valentine's Day gift from my darling guy.
So, as if the suprise that I was to embark on a new hardware shopping spree wasn't good of the stops we made was at S*m's Club because I had spied a really neato looking Sharp Actius laptop a few weeks ago that I needed to check out. Great design, but alas, not worth the $$ just for good looks (gasp..did I really just say that?) Anyway as we were walking in, I was accosted with a view of a most unsightly butt. One of the entity-unto-itself jumbo kinds with full cellulite dimpling shown off great glory by tight khakis. Yuck.
So, I look away from that horror and right at the face of the spouse of said butt, who I just happened to recognize as my eXXXX boyfriend from way back when. He looked extremely unhappy, and my brief but somehow telling glimpse into his life in that moment made me thankful for so much. I could feel the bad chi two shopping carts' width away.
Did I mention my darling guy? Getting a glimpse of what could have been was a little bizarre, and I just can't keep myself from silently cheering that A.) my ass is SO not even close to being that big, in fact I'm a veritable hottie in comparison, and B.) I had the wisdom to realize, even in my post adolescent stupor, that there were better things in store for me and my life than living in rednecksville and growing a huge ass and a couple of mangy kids. Amen.
That little event seriously made my day, week and maybe month. Call me catty if you must.
Anyway, back to food tomorrow. Tonight it's definitely some smoochies for my sweetie for being the amazing man that he is, and for understanding that even though I don't need him to prove his love to me with extravgant gifts, I sure like it when he does.

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