Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Project Grande

I forgot to take pictures of last nights Valentine feast, but the menu included Ham, Gruyere and Irish Cheddar paninni on Pumpernickel Rye and a heart shaped molten chocolate cake for two with vanilla ice cream. It was delish.
Now that you're hungry...Happy Tuesday.

Allow me to introduce what will eventually contain my dream kitchen (minus the wood fired pizza oven), along with a whole bunch of other really neato stuff:

Just over a year ago SO and I decided we wanted to create something really cool for ourselves instead of just ogling over stuff we saw on TV and in my favorite magazine DWELL
We had also been discussing moving for a while and decided it was time to make something happen, so we decided set our sights on building a new house. You can read more about the entire process, from start to eventual finish and beyond, here.

I can safely say this is far and away the largest undertaking ever for me, so big that it's equal parts scary and fun. I designed the house myself based around two of my (and our) favorite things, cooking and motorcycles, and I'm also acting as our General Contractor for it's construction. Ultimately I look at this as one big art project that we've commissioned for ourselves and it's undoubtedly been the opportunity of a lifetime. More than just building a house, I feel that this project reminds us on a daily basis that we're in charge of what we get out of this life and that we're responsible for making things happen, for better or worse. I hope that once we're warm an snug in our cool new abode that it serves to keep that thought front center in our minds and pushes us to pursue even greater goals. I'll keep you posted :)

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