Thursday, February 17, 2005

Wednesday night knit and nosh

I got together with a couple of friends last night for a little kniting and noshing. I made the yummiest Ham, Swiss and Mushroom sandwiches.The recipe is for an open-face style sandwich but I made them with two bread slices and toasted them in my Pannini maker. It's defnitely a keeper of a recipe...delicious and casual but a little special, too. I used baby Portobella mushrooms which have tons more flavor and put regular white button mushrooms to shame. Sauteed mushrooms pretty much fall into the same category as bacon for me...anything with that in it just has to be good.

I've been working on the "Color on Color Scarf" by Kathryn Alexander from the book Scarf Style. Although it's not a difficult pattern at all, I've had to tink twice in section 13 because I've failed to read the directions thoroughly and forgotten some rows. Boo. I haven't been working on it much lately because I've been sidetracked by getting my new laptop up and running with Gentoo Linux but it's coming along little by little and I'll post some picures soon.
In the mean time, here's a picture of a recently finished object, the Wavy Scarf, from Knitty.

The pattern calls for Cascade 220, which I adore, especially for felting, but I used an Alpaca because having wool next to my neck would have made me too itchy. The result is a little narrower, but I really like it and it's OSO soft.

I've been waiting on the UPS guy today who happens to be arriving as I type. He's bringing me my Valentines Day gift to myself, a new Wusthof Santoku knife. Happy chopping :)

I love your Wavy scarf. I think Alpaca was a great choice because it has more drape than my beloved Cascade 220. I am looking forward to seeing your color on color scarf.

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