Monday, March 28, 2005

Back to work

Despite having suffered through a horrible buffet brunch yesterday, we had a nice afternoon. Lounging, DVD's, a couple of naps....a decent lazy Sunday. I didn't even feel guilty for having a mocha Frappuchino for dinner.
It's back to work today for me. I have some house building things that need attending to, and I'd like to get outside and get started on switching out my winter window box decorations. I also need to de-burlap my Alberta Spruce trees and maybe do a little clean up in the garden. There's no sign of anything growing out there yet but hopefully by the end of the week stuff will be waking up and I'll have some happy spring pictures.

One of my weekend projects was to make a slideshow on Flickr that is a visual timeline of our house build. I plan to add to it as we progress from now on and hopefully it's interesting to more than just me. Take a look here. Bitter cold, boot sucking mud and filthy dirty homeowners not included :)

Carrie just called and invited me over for lunch tomorrow! YAY! She's making egg salad sandwiches, and she's apparently decided to indulge me. She knew I was craving one after hearing about her coloring eggs, and I can't wait. Of course that means a little knitting will be going on as well which bodes well for the Color on Color.

The flyer for our annual all-neighborhood garage sale just showed up, so I guess I had better start thinking of all the things I need to purge in anticipation of our big move. Maybe if I sell all the furniture, it would force me to find a way get the house finished faster... If only I could sell it all for tens of thousands of dollars I'd be set

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