Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Baking confessional

Here's yesterday's cinnamon-cardamom rolls ready to jump into the oven:

And the finished product:

Looks yummy, right? That's the nice thing about food picures. Even yucky stuff can look good.
Problem A. I realized I didn't have any Cardamom after decided to make these, so I used just Cinnamon instead. The dough calls for the cardamom to be added to it during mixing, but doing this with cinnamon made the dough a weird color which didn't make the buns taste bad, it was just a little unusual.
Problem B. I was at Penzey's a couple of weeks ago and couldn't resist buying some Galangal because it smells so enchanting and is a common ingredient in SE Asian cooking, which I adore. Galangal is fruity and floral and spicy smelling and the first thought I had was to wonder what it would be like in a sweet or dessert. Well, I'm happy I got to experiment but regretfully report that it was a bad idea. The Galangal gave the rolls a werid, petroleum overtone, kind of like that of an over-ripe mango. YUCK.
So the fresh, hot rolls made their way onto a plate to pose for a pretty photograph, and then it was into the trash with the whole batch. Heartbreaking, yes. And the worst part was that they still SMELLED really, really good. What a mean trick.
Hopefully the Cinnabons will be better. I think I'll make those for a breakfast themed CraftyCHIX this week.

OH YUM, breakfast CC is my favorite!
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