Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bead binge

I've been busy doing the contractor dance the last few days, trying to keep our house-building project moving forward. As a result, I don't have much new to report on the cooking and creating fronts so I thought I'd start digging into some past projects to remind myself of what life was like before I started spending my days on the phone talking concrete and steel or slogging around the jobsite with five pounds of mud attatched to each boot.

For a little context, it should first be understood that I am a binge crafter. Lately I've been knitting (although I'm embarassed at my lack of progress on my color on color scarf), but I can pretty much lay claim to anything from fabric to wood and sewing machines to miter boxes during any given season.

Here's a birthday gift for one of my aunts, a sterling silver and furnace glass necklace with a presentation pouch I whipped up using some purple cotton velveteen, silk, and purple suede. I made the wire components using the WigJig,with which the creative possibilities with wire are endless...

And here's another gift, a sterling three strand toggle bracelet with another nifty hand sewn case and beaded clasp:

Stay tuned if you're into the beading thing. I have lots to show!

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