Friday, March 11, 2005


As promised, here's a shot of the Ci**abon clone rolls hot, frosted and ready to be devoured

Not too glamorous, but let me tell you, these were absolutely the best cinnamon rolls I have ever baked or eaten. And they out score their namesake by about 100 to 1. They're crazy yum.
As I mentioned yesterday, the recipe is detail overload. I followed the ingredient list almost exactly with the exception of the flour ( I found I needed slightly less), and then just vaguely followed the preparation directions and mixed using my Kitchen Aid. The rolls required about 5-10 minutes less baking time than suggested even though I had my convection oven set at 300 instead of 310, and 325 instead of 335 like they say.
The coolest thing is they were pretty simple compared with some of the other cinnamon roll recipes I've tried, so needless to say, this one's a keeper. I should also mention that this is the first experience I've had baking with vital wheat gluten as an additive, and I believe this is part of what pushed these over the ubergood threshold. Doing a little reading up on the subject, most of what I found suggested that this improves the volume, texture and crust of bread and helps give more of a commercial bakery result which is descriptive of my results as well. The rolls had a much better texture than what I've made before, even though the recipe is typical for a sweet roll dough.
I also made a delicious sausage, egg and sun-dried tomato casserole from, and served everything with some fresh fruit.

The bad news is I think I tinked more one my Color on Color scarf than I knit, so I have nothing crafty to show. Boo. I did find what I think is a mistake in the instructions for section 16, which was the cause of much frustration and then relief when I finally decided to consult the photos and figured it out. I'll be searching and/or posting about this on the yahoo board shortly. And on that note, has anyone else noticed that the group name and the button both use the European spelling "colour", while the scarf name is acutally "color"? BUG ME! Thanks to Carrie for pointing that out.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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