Saturday, March 19, 2005

Cocktail hour is upon us

We're invited to a party tonight, and I'm looking forward to a little libation after our hectic last week, even though my legs are still so sore that I have no idea how I'll possibly be able to walk in my de rigeur black stiletto boots. I think I'm acutally more stiff today, and we're both walking like such trolls that people at SuperTarget were giving us weird looks.
We stopped into the liquor store earlier today to pick up our beverage of choice for the evening. I was intending to get a bottle of wine, but for whatever reason, I ended up entranced in the kiddie booze aisle. I've never really noticed the variety of flavored liquers and frou frou beverages that are avaliable these days, but lemme tell ya, whatever your artificial color of choice happens to be, there's something on the shelf to poision yourself with. I ended up with Grape Pucker, which may or may not have something to do with me wearing my lavender cashmere sweater and an unconscious desire to have something that would match my outfit. A girls gotta look cute, right?
Anyway, then I got sucked in by the little recipe book tags they had hanging on the shelf by all this stuff, and that prompted me to peruse the DeKuyper website upon arrival back home. Now I want the whole rainbow of pretty colored fruity flavored sugarbooze. I'm imagining the themed party possibilities already. Scary.
Here's a pic of the selection for tonight:

After a little background research, I proceeded to test out a few recipes, and here's what I decided on:

Purple drink #1

Equal parts:
Grape Pucker
splash of sweet and sour mix and topped off with lemon lime soda over ice. (This is a vague interpretation of what the website calls a Purple Haze.) This is also SO!YUM! with some half and half added...tastes like a grapesicle.
Purple drink #2
Equal parts
Grape Pucker
Capt. Morgan Parrot Bay (coconut rum)
Peach schnapps
splash of sweet and sour and top off with lemon lime soda

The only thing missing is some Bubble Tea bubbles, which, alas, I did not have the foresight to prepare.
I suspect that both of these coctails have hangover written all over them. Just in case I wise up and return to the world of adult drinking, I picked up this:

I've got the spinach-artichoke dip and the black bean and corn salsa ready to roll, and I'm guessing these two items will pair much better with the Cab than the purple crap. I'm looking forward to nibbling on both of these treats along with the guac that I'll make upon arrival.

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