Thursday, March 24, 2005

Color on Color

I got sidetracked by my day of leisure yesterday and and I forgot to post! Isnt' it weird how the less you have to do the less you accomplish?
As you can see, I'm still far from finished with the Color on Color, and I think I'll be 100 before I have all of the stupid ends woven in. I seriously think I've spent more time with a darning needle on this thing than I have spent acutally knitting. It's making me a little psycho because I HATE to weave in ends anyway, and the only way I've been able to get a neat look is if I weave each strand in separately which obviously means double the work. I've also realized that there's a part of the section 16 garter band attatchment that I'm not happy with so I'm going to have to fix that today. Boo.
Here's the mistake I talked about from before:
*the directions in section 16 for row 64 should read k8 #573, (K1 #652, k1 #573) 6 times, p1 #652, k4 #573.
I'm working on the very last part of section 17 now, and I decided that I wasn't going to knit the little triangle ears like the pattern says since IMO, it voilates the squares and rectangles theme of the rest of the piece. So I've continued for the same number of rows as the pattern calls for without decreasing and made rectangles instead of triangles. I can't tell if I'm going to like this or not, but if it's too weird I'm just going to leave them off. I'm also not going to do the chain crocheted I cord...
Another thing I've found that I dislike is in section 16 where we're instructed to knit the long stockinette stitch rows with #896 and then just run the yarn back through the stitches for a "decorative effect" (?). It looks unfinished and leaves the edge looking ratty and I think I'm going to have to go back and cast these stitches off properly to be happy.
I'm antsy to finish now, especially since spring is here. If I'm really dediated I might have all of my ends woven in by next fall :)

Hi Lara,

Your scarf is beautiful! I'm so happy to see your progress, and will remeber your words of advice when I get to section 16.
I have been dying to knit Color on Color, but I refuse to sew in the ends of 970 individual threads, as would happen if I use the yarn that the pattern calls for. Did you go all out with the Paternayan Persian, or did you substitute?
Thanks Angela!

I hope that's not really how many ends there are to weave in, although it seems like I've done at least half that number already with no end in sight.
I am using the Paterynan Persian yarn as the pattern calls for and it's kind of a pain, acutally. Every color change means spending ten minutes digging through the multitude of little skeins looking for the right number and then separating and winding into a knittable portion.
oh beautiful.. i love it..where o where can i find a pattern....
The Color on Color scarf pattern is from the "Scarf Style" book by Pam Allen, which contains lots of other neato patterns as well.
Happy knitting!
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