Tuesday, March 15, 2005

FYI: The Betty Crocker cookbook is avaliable at your local bookstore

No pictures, life-altering words or family heirloom recipes today. I have a rant.

First, lets get clear on the fact that I am a can-do kind of girl. One of my mantras is "how hard can it be?" There' s not much that I wouldn't try to tackle because it will be a learning experience no matter what and that's what drives me. I think if more women shared my optimism about what we are capable of the world would be a better place, but that's a whole different post.

Today I'm not talking about rocket science, chemical engineering or mapping human DNA. What's really bugging me lately is those who feign kitchen helplessness. Nothing annoys me more than people who claim they can't cook. Maybe you've heard this too...those people who not only say they can't cook, but carry on about it and bring it up at every opportunity as if it is the cutest most endearing quality ever. Hullo? I mean seriously, people. Do you really think your supposed inability to meet what is a basic human need without the assistance of the golden arches or a take-out menu is something to be proud of? Preparing food is a necessary skill that goes along with being a human with opposable thumbs, so step up to the veritable plate and quit whining. Better yet, tell the truth. Admit that you don't WANT to cook, don't LIKE to cook, or are just too freaking lazy to cook, but don't try and convince us that you can't. Claiming you "can't cook" isn't cute or clever or orignial or interesting. ITS JUST PLAIN STUPID and it's a ridiculous lie. If you can read, you can cook. Period. So please, shut up and get out a spatula and good old Betty Crocker and follow the directions. Realize that those of us that know we can cook aren't working some kind of extra secret black magic spells. It's called reading a recipe. K?

I know what you mean. As a working society, it seems as though more and more people opt out of cooking and are satified with take out, tv dinners, and thing in between. I have never quite understood it myself. It costs more to eat out and most of it really isn't that healthy for you.
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