Friday, March 18, 2005

I finally found a minute to shop...

Last Sundays' paper sits unread on my table. My fingers are so sore that I can hardly type and my body feels like it got run over by a truck. O the joys of homebuilding.
We were racing a deadline the past two days to get our steel hung for our upper level floors and then get all the radiant floor heat tubing installed in preparation for pouring the concrete slab. This was an incredible amount of work, and my only other comment at this point is that whoever invented rebar mesh is pure evil.
Anyway, we're SO glad to have this done, but in a cruel twist, the weather has not cooperated with our plans to pour and finish the slab today and we're on hold until Monday. Boo.
We owe a huge thanks to Carrie and her husband Kyle for running out to the site last night to help us finish things up.
I've just been hanging out today trying to catch up on stuff that's been neglected this week. Carrie and I did find time to run over to one of our LYS to check out a sale.
From the Scarf Style book, one of the other things I immediately put on my TBK (to be knit) list was the Turtleneck Shrug by Teva Durham. I managed to score a great deal on a yummy grape colored Galway wool Total cost: $13.25. Pretty neato.

I'm off to gather ingredients to make some party chow for a friends birthday celebration. I'm planning to make hot spinach-artichoke dip (I'm going to add sun dried tomatos), my special black bean, corn and tomato salsa, and guacamole, provided I can get ripe avocados. I think I'll also come up with some kind of treat, but I'm postponing that for the moment due to lack of inspiration.

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