Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I've been a slogger

As in slacker-blogger??
I spent the afternoon with Carrie chowing on deeeelicious egg salad sandwiches, fruit and chips. YUM! We also took a walk with this guy (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say he took us with him on a neighborhood scouting adventure) and did some knitting. I'm still poking away at section 19 of the Color on Color, but now that I have laid eyes on the awesome Yarn Girls Knitting Journal of Ms. Knit-Whit, I'm in anxious to have something new to put in mine in an attempt to make it as cool as hers.

I'm psyched for the two hours of Amazing Race tonight...the previews look GOOD, and I need a little mindlessness after spending my morning getting defeated on the phone by the city where we are building for the umpteenth time. Apparently paying $14K JUST FOR BUILDING PERMITS doesn't warrant a little common sense, rationality or courtesy on their part. Sigh.

Sorry about the lack of pics lately. I'm photographically depressed.

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