Thursday, March 10, 2005

Last nights dinner

Nothing too glamourous,but a yummy compilation of the odds and ends in my fridge: Pesto pasta with sun dried tomatos and chicken

I had a box of fresh basil that needed to be pesto-ified asap, so I started there. (The secret to insanely good pesto, btw, is to toast the pine nuts.) I seasoned and sauteed a couple of chicken breasts in olive oil. Once they were browned, I added a handful of chopped shallot, let that sizzle and carmelize a bit, and then added the remains of a bottle of sun dried tomatos in oil (about 1/4 cup), let that go for a couple of minutes and then deglazed with red wine for a just slightly saucy pan-0-yum. I dolloped some of the pesto on hot cooked rotini pasta and plated, topping with the sauteed chicken. Fast, easy and delish.
I also got a head start on the Ci**abon recipe for tonights CraftyCHIX event.
Here's the big rectangle of dough waiting to have the cinnamon, sugar and butter paste spread on it:

And the snug, happy little dough babies ready to bake:

The recipe makes 15 rolls, so I put the rest into my jumbo muffin pan, and everything went into the freezer to hold overnight. I'll thaw and bake them this afternoon to gobble up tonight.
I found the recipe here,and in my opinion, it's a little psycho in the detail category (and written for a bread machine...puhleeze!) but the test roll I baked off last night had some serious promise, even sans frosting. I'll have some pictures of the finished product tomorrow.

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