Monday, March 14, 2005

Muddy Monday

I spent the day at our construction site, overseeing the pouring of what will eventually be one of our rooftop decks. I can smell the BBQ and hear the glasses clinking already.

I'm so pleased that this first stage of our roof is finally on. We're planning on getting some more steel hung this week and then pouring the floor slabs for my art studio, the guest bedroom, gym and media room. I've got my fingers crossed that we manage to crank this out before spring emerges for good and we are forced to take a break while the gound and roads thaw. It's ironic that I'm wishing for the weather to stay cold and frozen because this time of year usually finds me with serious cabin fever and antsy for riding season, gardening and tank tops.
One thing that I find really neato about the house is that we've got some pretty serious looking steel:

This particular beam is not one that will remain exposed, but there are similar, longer beams that support the roof joists that will be on permanent view.
I don't know why this big stuff fascinates me so much except that I think it's representative of the overall mood I want the house to convey: industrial and strong with a somewhat larger-than-human scale. I'm also looking forward to how this rough-seeming character will oppose itself against a sleekly modern interior.

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