Thursday, March 03, 2005


Josie Boo Kitty. My friend and faithful companion. The only kitty I've ever known that answered back and came when your name was called. Always managing to find the best spot, the most comfortable, the coziest and with the most potential for snuggles. I'll miss our conversations and our disagreements and the way your black furred parts got extra warm when you layed in the sun. I'll miss your fierce loyalty and your calm presence that said everything was right in the world as long as you were by my side. Equal parts intelligent and neurotic, lovable to the end.
Thank you.

As a fellow pet lover and more importantly your friend, I give you my sympathy for Josie Boo. Her life was full and happy because of you and her spirit will live on in your memory.
I will miss her 'meowing' when I 'meow'. She was an extra-special kitty.
Take care.
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