Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Section 19 is complete!

Here it is:

With all of it's glorious ends to weave in, of course...
I started attatching it according to the instructions using three needle bind off, but I didn't like the way it was coming out, so I ripped. I'm going to re-block everything and then explore an alternative attatchment method, perhaps matress stitch? Suggestions are welcome. I don't care for the two color knitted cast on at the edge of this secion and I wish I would have used something different. It's not as stretchy as the rest of the piece which is part of the attatchment problem.
Anyway, I'm thankful to be done with all but the I-cord knitting. The verdict is still out on whether I'll acutally wear this thing or not.
Next up on the knitting agenda, something for summer and some stash knitting. I have two summer tank patterns with yarn waiting to be knit up, but I also want to make this really cute T-shirt as a knitalong with Carrie She and I have both loosely committed to making a garment sometime in the near future and I like the t-shirt idea, but we need to come up with an alternative yarn since neither of us are much into the $50-might-hate-it thing when it comes to t-shirts.

On a completely different subject, there's a blog I like that comes up occasionally on BlogExplosion that's all about new/different food items, and one of the things he wrote about a while back was Orville Redenbacher's Cinnabon microwave popcorn. pay. no. attention. to. the. nutritional. information. It even comes with icing that you use to turn the whole bag into a presumably delicious mess. Ever since I read that post, I've been craving said popcorn but have been unable to find it ANYWHERE around here. SO, if any nice visitor is willing to send me some, I'd be happy to send you your treatie (or other cool thing) of choice in trade. FYI: I make a seriously delish chocolate chip cookie, among other things. At the very least, give me the dirt on whether this stuff is acutally good or not.

what is the color on color going to be? its all wild like... looks tiring tho....
It's a scarf designed by Kathryn Alexander from the book "Scarf Style". Many of the scarf sections are knit separately and then attatched to the main piece, like section 19. It's acutally a really easy knit. I still haven't finished the darn thing or I'd have some pictures...Eventually
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