Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sugar higher

As promised, I have a couple more edible art projects to show off. First, a picture of the wedding cake I did for the sister of my friend Nikki. She requsted someting all white, and to dress things up a bit, I added texture with little tufts and draped ribbons. I garnished the assembled cake with a variety of fresh flowers and I think this turned a pretty cake into something absolutely fabulous. I consider myself my harshest critic, and even I would have loved to have that cake at my party. It was almost too beautiful for me to leave! The tiers were white with raspberry, marble and chocolate.

Next is a cake I made for my friend Michelle's wedding shower. She and her then fiance were going to Aruba to be married so I wanted to give them something playful and beach themed.

This was a fun miniature tiered cake. The lower tier is the beach complete with palm trees, beach towel, flip flops and writing in the sand. The middle tier is the ocean waves and the top tier is clouds and skywriting spelling "Aruba 2004", all topped off with a big bright sun. She loved it.

WOW! Both cakes are just gorgeous!

Any bride would love the wedding cake and the Aruba cake is fantastic!
I thought the top layer said 'poos' spelled backwards; then I thought 'what's up with the poo at the base of the cake?'; then I read the note at the bottom.
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