Thursday, March 31, 2005

Taste test

So I ended up tinking...well, acutally backwards un-knitting meaning not the pull-and-it-unravels kind...the cast on edge of section 19 and subsequent rows 1-5. Can you say PAIN IN THE ASS? I tried and tried to find a way t o graft this freaking section on and have it look decent and I just couldn't do it because that stupid knitted cast-on edge kept screwing me. After about try number six I finally just gave up and took the whole edge apart. I've finished re-knitting everything I ripped and I cast-off on the edge that used to be the knitted cast-on edge. Now I just need to figure out if I should try using three needle BO to graft it again or something else.
I'm just so over this dang scarf. I am on the hairy edge of putting it away unfinished, not to see the light of day for who knows how long. On the other hand, I could console myself with knitting I-cord or weaving in ends until I recover some patience :)

And Then...

Have I mentioned I LOVE Chipotle flavored Tabasco? I have to keep two bottles on hand at all times because I go through it faster than ketchup or any other condiment and there are some things I just cannot enjoy without it. So during my last trip to the grocery store, I grabbed a bottle to replenish my stash, and then, while perusing the more ethnic condiments (in our two square feet of shelf that's dedicated to Mexican food that doesn't have some evil American coroprate fast food logo splashed all over it), I spied the OSO yummmy Bufalo brand Chipotle hot sauce (very hot! according to the label) that I've enjoyed at restaurants but never been able to find locally. So I grabbed a bottle of that as well and tonight I played them head to head on my paper bag of chips and Fajita Burrito Bol.
So here's the dirt. Not only do I love Bufalo brand Chipotle sauce WAY more than the Tabasco variety, it's also about 1/4 the price (apparently somewhere along the way, Tabasco decided they were haute condiment and warrant $4.29 a bottle. puhleeze).
Bufalo brand=thick, spicy and delicious Chipotle yum. Condiment nirvana.
Tabasco brand=mostly vinear taste with what I now recognize as substandard Chipotle flavor.

I smell breakfast burritos in my future.

p.s. stop laughing about my pathetic thinking that finding "Mexico's #1 hot sauce for 60 years" at my grocery store is some kind of exotic discovery. I live in Minnesota, remember? And don't freaking come here expecting to find hot Rotel, either, because it doesn't exist. Fortunately I have some great friends from Kansas that import it for me by the case.

Where did you find that Buffalo Chipotle sauce? I'd love to try it!
Hi Renee
I found it at my local grocery store...Bufalo is a very un-exotic line of Mexican foods, so I'm sure any Hispanic market would carry it as well.
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