Monday, March 21, 2005

Virtual yum

We spent the day busting our butts on the house project again yesterday, but fortunately I think we got everything in place for a successful pour of the upper level floor today.
All that work makes me hungry, and when I'm in the mood for comfort food, my favorite place to go is a little hole in the wall restaurant I've mentioned before called Taste of Thailand. We go at least a few times a month, and the food has never been anything but fabulous. Unfortunately they're not open on Sundays, which is when it seems like we most often have the craving. So, in honor of wishing I could have had great Thai food but having been too busy to make it happen last week, here's a little virtual meal at our favorite restaurant. Did I mention they have our order memorized?
We'll start with an order of fresh spring rolls

Now, of everything I've ever eaten here, these are the easiest to duplicate at home assuming you have the time. They're also not typically Thai, but a delicious nod to Vietnamese. I love to make a whole tray full as buffet party food. At our restaurant, they're served with a sugary vinegar reduction with red pepper flakes and ground peanuts, which IMO, is absolutely the only sauce a spring roll should ever see. I crave these babies in my sleep.

On to the entrees. For boy, it's the standard Pad Thai, medium hot with chicken. For him this dish is the ultimate barometer of a Thai restaurant, and he orders it wherever we are. He would say and I would concurr that our restaurant makes the best Pad Thai we've ever eaten, even at twice the price. Noodley, slightly charred, spicy, salty and sweet to perfection, there's no joy like a searing hot plate of Pad Thai being set before you at the table. Fortunately for me, he's usually willing to donate a forkfull or two.

My favorite entree is from a rotating palette of three, and I've always been so busy waiting to chow down that I have no idea the proper Thai name is...stupid American me. Anyway, it's basically a delicious, thin and perfectly balanced sauce that surrounds a pile of veggies. It's either number 43, 44 or 47 for me, the variation being the addition of ginger to the sauce (#43), or Thai Basil and jalapenos (#47). There are just not enough yummy words to describe how much I love this basic, simple dish. It's really sort of silly considering it's just a bunch of regular stuff all basking in a sauce of love with a little rice. I'll take mine medium hot with chicken, please, an this baby happens to be a number 47. ( I must have been having an extra spicy craving.)

For dessert, you can ask for sticky rice with mango but they probably won't have any. Dissapointing, yes, but we've been in on several occasions when one person takes our order and then goes in back to cook it, so we really can't complain. I'm just happy they stay in business and I'm usually too full for anything other than a fortune cookie for dessert anyway.

So you can see how I'm having serious issues with moving too far away from this place to be able to run in for a quick weeknight supper. Pad Thai I can manage on my own, but I'm hoping that the recipe for my plate of love will somehow magically materialize and I'll be able to whip it up at home with my kickass wok burner

I'm back out to the site today to supervise the floor pour. I'm holding my breath that everything goes well and I have nice, smooth concrete floors in a few days. And yes, my legs are still sore to the point that it hurts to sit.

Interesting house pics. I'm not big modern architecture fan (unless you count Frank Lloyd Wright), but your house is intriguing me. What materials are you using? And did I notice radiant heat flooring being installed? If so, I'm very envious! When we did a major back-of-the-house renovation, I wanted that in the kitchen and new bath, but no such luck. As it was, the renovation could be termed a disaster, but everything works. And we learned a lot! Good luck with the rest of the construction!
Hi Teri
The house is Insulated Concrete Form and steel. If you're interested, you can view my photojournal on Flickr. There's also a link there (and on my sidebar) for Modern in MN, my construction specific blog on Livemodern.
(Or maybe this is what you've seen already. I have so much stuff out there that I have a hard time keeping track of what's posted where.)

We're using hydronic raidant for whole-house heating. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks for the comments and thanks for stopping by!
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