Thursday, May 05, 2005

almost most of a house


Pretty neato.
We should have roof by the end of next week. I'm starting to believe we might acutally get to move in someday.
The house, (the one that live in as opposed to the one we're building) is a wreck, which I believe is a reflection of my current state of mind. While I was struggling to get dinner together tonight on my small, cluttered counter top (small because the kitchen sucks in general, cluttered because I don't have enough cupboard space for canned and pacakged stuff), I was dreaming about how nice it's going to be to use the veritable ocean of counterspace in the new house. Just think. I'll be able to create multiple messes and still make dinner without freaking out! According to the plan, I'll also have plenty of pantry space and plenty of room to store dishes and tableware, which means I can buy more dishes and tableware. YAY! Thinking of all those new, empty cabinets and how I'm going to fill them makes me all giddy. Don't tell boy.

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