Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dining update:

Today I tried the Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddle. Good in a strange kind of sweet/salty way...a lot like one of my favorite meals: beer, candy corn and pretzels. I also went with the Fruit and Yogurt parfait instead of the Apple Walnut salad today. I notice they've changed the yogurt in those since they were introduced. It used to be actual tangy, yogurty yogurt, and now it's more sugary and vanilla tasting like pudding, which I suppose pleases the masses more. FYI, you also get a little cup of this with the Apple Walnut salad.
Soon I will be able to carry on a conversation about all manner of fast food. And since I'm into the swing of things, I will need to try the Arby's reuben asap.
PLEASE let it NOT RAIN tomorrow! With some luck, getting up at the crack before dawn (again), and a bunch of hardcore butt busting, we should be able to get our final concrete placement done tomorrow and have a nice finished floor upon which to sing and dance (and cook, of course).

Some Ebay house goodies have arrived that I would love to show you, and yes, I do intend to resume my normal, more graphic mode soon. I just need to get out of concrete hell first. Consider this my weekly test of the emergency broadcast system...

Another milestone approaches. Our windows will arrive on Tuesday. Scary.

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