Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fast food facts

A quick run down of the past week:
Three visits to McDonalds--Egg McMuffins for breakfast three times and two apple walnut salads.
Four Nerds Ropes, (also successfully hooked boy on same. He's even crabby when they're not soft enough)
One Snickers with almonds
Six oreos
Two bags of salted almonds
Two liters of Gatorade
Eight bottles of water
One chicken fajita bol plus chips and guac
One mystery diet/power/protein/energy bar that I know is secretly made out of wood shavings.
Two visits to Culvers--one chicken salad with blue cheese and avocado plus onion rings, and one grilled reuben with mashed potatos and gravy
One medium bananna and vanilla wafer Blizzard
Three Venti coffees
Two Arby's salads, one turkey and swiss sandwich
One Greek chicken salad plus hummus and a pita
one taco salad
a liter or two of artificially flavored lemon fountain beverage
An oriental chicken salad and cup of corn chowder
One roasted chicken sub on wheat
And don't forget the two bags of free popcorn from the local hardware store while shopping for plastic sheeting, plus six visits to Home Depot, two to Mendards and one to Lowes, where, dissapointingly, there is no free food.

I'm sure there's more that I'm either too exhausted to recall or trying to forget. Mention a fast food chain and I can probably say I've paid them a visit in the last seven days. This from a girl who normally has 90% of fast food on the banned list. And I thought shopping for groceries at the gas station was the low point.

And a depressing side's still raining here. I think we've had a total of two-rain free days so far this month. Today's dirty homeowner adventures rivaled those spring days of shoveling and wheeling mud.

Most importantly, a HUGE thanks to Mariko of SuperEggplant for the bundle of goodies that arrived this week along with the cookbooks she graciously gifted me. The organic dark chocolate is good enough to stave off instanity on even the rainest, muddiest day.

I've been wondering how the apple walnut salads were...
I feel compelled to cook a nice meal for you.
I actually like the fruit 'n' yogurt parfait! As for Snickers, have you tried the cruncher? Sorry to hear about the fast food situation. Most of it is kind of gross, but once you get used to it, it can be kind of addictive. BE STRONG!
so, this rain (I live in MN too) has driven me to eat more chocolate in the last week than I usually do in 2 months. (my especial weakness is Brach's Chocolate Stars...)
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