Saturday, May 14, 2005

Pajama brunch

After a busy week, we're both indulging in a little Saturday lazyiness, made easier by the fact that it's rainy...again.
We've just devoured the most delicious, simple brunch of omlettes and coffee cake. For me, it was a sauteed baby portobella mushroom, shallot and cheddar, for boy the mushroom hater, shallot, cheddar and swiss. I really, really wanted to have something beautiful to take a picture of, but it seems I can't make a good looking omelette to save my life, and they both fell into the ugly-but-delicious category. You're just going to have to create your own visual, sorry. I blame my issues on the fact that I really need to replace my All-Clad nonstick skillet, as the finish has seen better days and isn't really non-stick anymore.
Again, I am in awe over how amazing the baby ports are. Really, the eggs for me were just an excuse to eat a pile full of sauteed mushrooms, and the sliced baby portobellas combined with shallots were omlette nirvana.
I was also in the mood for something a little sweet, and since I've still not managed to find time to create anything for my freezer stash, I decided on my mom's old stand by recipe for coffee cake from the Betty Crocker cookbook. It whips up in about five minutes and while not glamourous, it certainly fits the bill for a quick brunch dish. And the ingredients are so simple that I'm almost always guaranteed to have them in the house which is a big bonus when I'm in the pajama zone.

I also took a few banannas out of the freezer to try a recipe for coconut macadamia nut bananna bread from the Gourmet Magazine Cookbook. Sounds yummy, and hopefully I'll have the full report tomorrow.

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