Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yes, I cooked

The weather said soup, so I made some. Turkey and wild rice, made from some almost-never-happens homemade stock.

Not the most photogenic of meals, but it sure was yummy.

As for tonight's season finale of Amazing Race...WHOOHOO!! I'm thrilled that Joyce and Uchenna won, and thrilled that Princess whinesalot-you're-such-an-asshole-I-want-to-marry-you Kelly didn't win. She's like a bad Dr. Phil rerun.

The house goodies have started arriving and I'm psyched cuz there's some really cool stuff and I'm all about the fixtures and finish stuff. I'll try and grab a photo-op soon. If I'm lucky I'll get a great toilet shot :)
Roof is being hung Thursday and getting concrete Friday. The front stoop is formed and ready to be poured on Friday as well. For some reason, the front stoop going in is feeling like a big deal, and not just because it will eliminate the treacherous balanace beam uphill on a 2x10 entry routine.
I'm back to feeling overwhelmed with the number of things that need to happen in the next few months. Might have something to do with busting ass all day with shovel and wheelbarrow and only making a miniscule dent in the 18 yards of sand that needs to get moved.

Au contraire. It looks quite lovely.
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