Saturday, May 28, 2005

You fly, I'll fry

Yesterday was an event. Aside from the few yards necessary for our front stoop, we've bid adieu to the concrete portion of our construction process after an endless, months-long parade of ready mix trucks.
To celebrate this, and to recover from what was an extremely grueling week, we slept in a bit this morning and then decided to have breakfast. I was craving french toast, and I convinced boy that going to the store for bread would be in the best interest of his stomach and mine. While he was gathering, I cooked up some deeeeelicious Lorenz meats bacon, which is, IMO, the best bacon EVER, and it's a Minnesota product to boot.

One of the added perks of this stuff is that it doesn't splatter and make such a mess during cooking like most bacon. It also barely shrinks and doesn't curl up. I figured this was because it has less water than mass produced bacon, and apparently this is true. While I was cooking, one of my favorite shows, America's Test Kitchen on PBS, was on and they happened to be reviewing several brands of premium bacon. According to them, good bacon is dry cured and takes a week or more to make, while major brand bacon is injected with water, salt and other stuff and "cured" in just minutes. Explains some things, eh? Incidentally, the testers liked Neiman Ranch the best. I've never tasted it, but I'd still say they only chose that one because Lorenz wasn't one of the contenders. Anyway, they also recommended Farmland brand which is avaliable at the supermarket.
There's nothing like breakfast comfort food, particularly since our schedule of late has required we behave like true Americans and eat fast food for most meals. French toast, butter, crispychewymeaty bacon, and real maple syrup, with strong black coffee for me and a Mountain Dew for boy (gack!)

Here's hoping it isn't another two weeks before I cook again.

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