Saturday, June 04, 2005

How to get big stuff up on the roof

A few better-suited-for-hauling-motorcycles straps found in our truck, a rope scavenged off of an extension ladder, and a very, very great friend volunteering to help our sorry butts on one rainy, muddy day:

Those big blue bundles are our roof insulation, and there were enough of them to almost completely fill a semi trailer. I actually can't quite believe they're all up there, but they are and we are SO grateful we had some help because I don't think Boy and I would have had a chance at getting them up there on our own.

We've had an extremely busy and exhausting week doing the prep work for window installation, unloading trucks and supplies, making countless trips to the home center stores, and actually getting a few windows installed. Up to this point it's been accurate to say we're doing some of the work of building our house on our own, but I think we've officially reached the point where we can say WE'RE building a house. And I think I can also officially say I have carpal tunnel (or corporal tunnel, as Boy's dad called it). Shooting pains in my forearms and numbness and tingling of my fingers/hands. Not good, and a fair indication that some knitting therapy must be in order :) Maybe next week.

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