Monday, July 11, 2005

Just for Ms. Knit-Whit

Boy and I went to see the Violent Femmes last week...a blast from our past. The show was great and it was Boy's first time EVER at First Avenue. I, on the other hand, spent a great deal of the disposable income of my teenage years going to all-ages shows there and at the Entry, and at least a couple of those were the very same Femmes. The whole smoke-free bar thing really makes the experience more enjoyable, but it was weird being in a place like First. Av. with no one* smoking.

Anyway, we had eaten a late lunch and no dinner, so after the show we were both starving and looking to prolong the adventure. We ended up here:

Certain of you, who are most assuredly on the verge of deleting my blog from your daily read list due to my recently infrequent updates, will recognize this as one of your favorite dining establishments. I bet you never thought I'd eat here in a bajillion years, DID YOU??
Yup. I chowed down. So voraciously, in fact, that it didn't even occurr to me to capture the moment until it was almost too late...

So there's the dirt on my virtually non-existent extra-curricular life. In the mean time, we're still building a house. Do check out my other blog and Flickr for snaps of THE ROOF!! and some much-anticipated interior framing. YAY!

*I did actually see a girl smoking INSIDE, whether she was making a statement or just stupid, however, was not apparent...

YAY a blog entry!!! Alas my friend, I would not delete you. Did you try the chicken rings? Mmm
Off to look at the house pics...
I actually insisted we order the chicken rings just because of you, but I thought they were gross and only ate one. They were exactly like those frozen kiddie chicken nuggets from the grocery store. Very mystery meat, which explains why the meat police likes them :)
Chicken rings?!? I tried a White Castle once. I don't like onions, so they didn't really do much for me.
I got your incredible package yesterday! So unnecessary, but so delightful. THANK YOU! The chocolate is great, and I can't wait to try the cupcake liners (when it isn't in the triple digits here, that is).
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