Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Circus Peanut Feet

Thanks to a fellow food blogger, I found Crocs
It took a while, but mine finally showed up today:

OK, so they're weirdly squishy, but in a superduper comfortable way, and they're light as a feather. I'm interested to see how durable they're going to be given the fact that they truly feel like I'm wearing circus peanuts on my feet. Without all the stickiness, of course...
Anyway, gotta love the colors, huh? I'm waiting for the Nile model to become avaliable and then I'm going for a yellow or a pink pair.

Oh boy 2 posts 2 days in a row. I love it.
Also love the shoes, if I were I copy cat I'd get a pair...oh wait...I am a copy cat. But I have too many shoes already, maybe next summer.
Hi, coming out of lurking to say:

I was at Mall of America a couple of weeks ago and, if you can't wait, there's a Kiosk on the first floor selling these. If memory serves, it was near Harry & David's (one of my favorite shops!).
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