Thursday, February 09, 2006


Months and months since I last got to blog. How boo.
I've found some time to peruse my favorite food blogs today for the first time in months an I'm hearwrenchingly reminded of how much I miss my old life.
My pre-housebuilding life, that is. In case you forgot, that's also the life where I get to blog about things I love to do (and do them), workout, ride my motorcycles, call and email my friends once in a while (aka being a friend), go buy magazines, enjoy dinner and a movie and dress in real people clothes, among other things.
I had almost forgotten that's what my life was like once. Certainly there are lots of other things I've forgotten to remember at all, and that makes me sad.
On the other hand, there ought to be room for some new parts of my life sometime soon, and that is exciting.

We're just a few weeks away from being "done" with the house project. By "done" I mean done enough that we can move in and live there, but certainly not "done" in the done sense.
I'm not sure we'll ever be to that level of "done".
Here's a peek at what I've been up to:
Lots and lots of tile in the master bath shower. I'm pretty pleased with how this is looking and, although it took FOREVER, it was an interesting study in cross-crafting. Much more coolness to come for this room...

The near seizure-inducing Orange Juice colored powder room. It's growing on me, and I think with the addition of a mirror and some chrome accessories it might end up cool. How it's going to coordinate with the rest of the house is TBD.

I'm going to restrain myself from showing off my insanely fabulous new kitchen until it's a little closer to finished. I'm just finishing up the formwork for the poured concrete countertops and then the magic of putting all the bright, shiny bits...those things like faucets and sinks that I have a strange obsession with...can begin. Anyway, it's pretty darn near my dream kitchen and I absolutely cannot wait to get in there and start making yummy messes and sharing them with y'all.

Somewhere in all of this, someone got married and I managed to crank out this in my spare time (spare time. yea. right.) The comedy of this cake is that it was fabricated in the tiniest most akward kitchen ever, home of the carrot peeler from hell (more on that another day), using a decrepit mixer with psycho beaters and some seriously wrong-ass equipment that belongs nowhere other than the trash. But hey, I'm all about finding a way, right?

They always end up looking so amazing once the fresh flowers are added. The bride and groom loved it, I'm told.

So, it may be anothe month or two before I post again but the goods will be delivered...eventually. I promise.

Yeah, where have you BEEN? That cake is gorgeous, and your house looks beautiful. I can't wait to see your kitchen (we are redoing ours this summer, so I need some ideas!).
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